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Job Details

Meyer's Castle 

Address:  1370 Joliet Street - Dyer, IN


Dyer, IN

Time:  8:30 - 11:25

Meet:  4:30 PM

Set by:  6:00 PM

Dress:  Tux


Type:  Dave's Daughters Wedding


From:  Dave

Special Requests: 

Here are the songs that Tess and Tyler would like for their wedding. these are the ones they really like and you can fill in any holes as you see fit. 

I saw her standing there

I want you to go

the middle

Use Somebody

Funky music

Get down tonight

Brown eyed girl

December 63

Melt with you

Wagon wheel


Summer 69, Jessie, Your love

Sweet caroline

the way

come and get your love

Uptown Funk

can't stop the feeling

Shut Up

3 AM

Are you gonna be my girl


Follow me

Have I told you lately

How far is Heaven

Jump Jive Wail, 

In the mood


My own worst enemy



The way you look

Under the boardwalk

 What I like about you

Brown Sugar

It's not unusual

Always and Forever

Wonderful tonight


they are not big Chicago fans, they want us to do a few ballads, they love swing music


cocktail music will be minimal (30 minutes) and probably taped but she is open to the band playing some. I would put a small set of dinner music together just in case.


We'll need you to announce everyone for intros.


First dance, father/ daughter, mother/son, cut the cake will be taped


We will provide taped music for breaks


Dinner music is taped rat pack tunes


Band will start between 8:30 and 9 and go to 11:25. No music can be played after 11:30. they have a neighbor issue ala Krapils.


The wedding itself is at 6 in an adjoining room. 


Of course we will feed you guys.


Meyer Castle 1 and it's a long haul with the equipment. I will pay the roadie.

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