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Job Details

Tinley Park Caribbean Block Party


Address:  Oak Park Avenue - downtown Tinley  NORTH STAGE

Time:  Noon - 3:00pm

Meet:  11:00

Set by:  11:59

Dress:  Casual


Type:  Fest

History:   Did in 2014

From:  Repeat

Special Requests: 

We are very excited to see Midnight play at the Downtown Tinley Block Party on Sunday.  This event celebrates Tinley Park’s 125th Birthday, so it will be a big birthday party!  If you don’t mind getting silly, I have some party hats that you can wear for a bit on stage!  However, don’t feel obligated. 


Midnight will be playing from Noon-3 on the North Stage located on Oak Park Ave just south of 171st St.  I’ve included a map of the event below.  Oak Park Ave will be closed by the time you get there.  The band members may park behind the stage so make sure you come from 171st and show our traffic officers there the attached stage access pass.  Please only give this pass to band members as there are many pedestrians in the area and we like to keep the amount of vehicles to a minimum. 

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