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Wauconda Community Center - Cook Park



Joe I have Midnight scheduled to play at our concerts in the park tomorrow night at Cook Park in Wauconda from 7- 8 pm.  The address of the park 600 N. Main Street.  If wanting to GPS it use the address 555 N. Main Street that is the high school across the street from us..  If you use our address you will end up at a trailer park across town.  When you pull into our lot pull into the parking lot immediately on your left we will play under the pavilion next to the building and park.


I will supply two 110 separate circuits and 2 100 foot extension cords.  If you need to reach me my cell phone number is 847/989-6839. 

801 E. Main street (across the street from the library) - Smaller parking lot to the left, between soccer and softball fields - pavilion is left of the building at the end of the parking lot

Time:  7:00 - 8:00 (one set)

Meet:  5:30

Dress:  Casual

Subs:   John

Type:  Concerts in the Park


From:  Gig Masters

Special Requests:  Outdoors

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