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Job Details

Blue Chip Casino


Address:  Enter on Cook street (east of main entrance), turn right and turn right again to rear of hotel "bus entrance"  There is a call box and yellow button - call and let them know who you are.  Enter under the canpoy which will take you to the security office.  WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR

Time:  12:00 - 4:00PM


Dress:  Dressy Casual - no jeans, no T shirts


Type:  Lounge

History:  Repeat

From:  Joey Demarco

Special Requests: They have the usual set up(mics, drums, stands, bass and two guitar rigs. 

House Rules of Blue Chip Casino, LLC

(the “Property”)


These House Rules Supplement the Agreement for Entertainment Services to Which They are Attached (the “Agreement”)


  1. Entertainers must wear proper attire at all times while at the Property. Proper attire shall include shirts, clean jeans or slacks without holes or tears; shoes, hats and other accessories shall be clean and in good taste. Improper attire shall be cause for cancellation of the Agreement without any compensation owed to the Entertainers. The General Manager of the Property may alter this rule if requested in writing and then only if alteration of the rule is necessary for the success of the entertainment.


  2. The Entertainers shall not:


    1. Impede the free use of stairways, aisles, corridors, exits and passageways.

    2. Interfere with the employees or patrons of the Property or detain or excessively fraternize with any of them.

    3. Post, hang or affix pamphlets or any device to the Property’s property or on motor vehicles of the Property’s employees or patrons without the prior consent of the Property’s management.

    4. Mar, injure, destroy or deface property of the Property or position any device so that it interferes with any of the Property’s equipment.

    5. Create or cause a breach of the peace, disturbance or nuisance of any kind.

    6. Engage in commercial activity, including but not limited to distribution or display of commercial advertising pamphlets, except as may otherwise be provided in the Agreement or in these House Rules.

    7. Disregard or fail to perform any of the obligations imposed by the Agreement.

    8. Engage in any activity or conduct in any manner, or for any purpose, that is in any way a violation of any law, ordinance, statute or regulation of any federal, state, county, or local government agency or entity.

    9. Use the name, logo or intellectual property of the Property in any way without prior written permission from the Property’s management, or inaccurately representing any affiliation between the Entertainers and the Property.

    10. Shall not consume alcohol or gamble while in possession of a vendor badge.


  1. Entertainers are expected to be present 30 minutes before beginning their performance to ensure that they are ready to go at their designated start time.  TARDINESS, QUITTING EARLY OR EXCESSIVE BREAKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  2. Entertainers shall not use profane language or lyrics directed at audience, patrons, or employees of the Property or incite the audience in any way. The signs, posters or placecards, if any, used to advertise or promote the Entertainers’ performance shall not contain offensive or inappropriate language or material, which shall be determined in the sole judgment of the Property’s management.

  3. Entertainers’ assistance is necessary in keeping the stage, back-stage, and dressing room areas clean and neat.  Only entertainers and authorized personnel are permitted in these areas.  Entertainers shall maintain the designated entertainment area, dressing rooms, pre-function areas and storage areas in good, safe and clean condition and shall leave such areas free of any refuse or debris. Equipment and instruments should be stored in designated areas only. No equipment or cases may be stored in the hallways of the backstage area at anytime.

  4. While audience participation is often an integral part of an act, only authorized entertainers who are part of the act are permitted on stage.

  5. Arrangements must be made before the performance begins for complimentary juice, coffee, tea, milk, water, and soft drinks ONLY.  Bottled water is not complimentary.

  6. Use of controlled substances, before, during, or after a show will result in immediate termination of the entertainment and a permanent prohibition against the entertainers ever again performing at the Property.

  7. There shall be no beverages on stage, except water in a closed container, such as a sport bottle, or bottled water.  If you have any beverages on stage and it spills on any equipment or power source, you will be billed for the cost of repair and/or replacement.

  8. Smoking on stage, adjacent to stage, or backstage is strictly prohibited.  Smoking will ONLY be permitted in designated areas.

  9. The Property provides adequate marketing advertising the entertainers or the event at which they will entertain.  No marketing by the entertainers is permitted on premises, and any off premises marketing done by the entertainers may not use the trademarks or other intellectual property of the Property or any affiliate of the Property.

  10. Bands may sell tapes or CDs of recorded music ONLY with written permission by management.  Said permission may ONLY be granted prior to the engagement.  Tapes, CDs, T-shirts and other items may not otherwise be advertised, displayed, or solicited on or off stage.

  11. During the performance (and rehearsal, if any) DB Levels must be strictly monitored and kept at a level acceptable to the Property. It is imperative that all entertainers conform to this requirement.  Violation can and will jeopardize the entertainers’ opportunities for future performances at the Property.  It is important that volume ranges, enjoyable mix and balance, and sound checks be carefully noted and adhered to.  Please respond IMMEDIATELY to the Property’s requests to limit volume.  

  12. The Property is not responsible for the entertainers’ equipment or personal belongings left on stage or in storage area.   ANYTHING left behind at the Property is by artist choice and is ultimately the risk of the artist.




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